10 weeks inside a UX design bootcamp: Academy Xi Sydney

Thinking about launching a new career in UX design? Sceptical about whether UX design bootcamps are worth it?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

If you’ve done any research into UX bootcamps, you’ve probably seen the student success stories. But are these outcomes the exception, or the norm?

Can you really start from scratch and land a new job in UX design … after only 10 weeks? Sounds too good to be true, right?

And if you’re a mid-life career changer like me, you might also be wondering:

  • How difficult are UX design bootcamps?
  • Have I got what it takes to succeed?
  • Am I too old?

So after many months of procrastination, I’ve decided to investigate (I used to be a research scientist and old habits die hard). Not only that, I’m deeply interested in UX design and want to learn more.

That’s why I’m taking the User Experience Design Transform course at Academy Xi Sydney.

Follow along as I discover what life is really like inside a UX design bootcamp. Can I handle it? Is UX design really for me? And will I land the job of my dreams?

Let’s find out!