Campaigns offering the chance to win unique travel experiences and cash were a core marketing focus at 1Cover Travel Insurance.

Each campaign typically involved 8-14 email sends, as well as PPC advertising and social media funnels. Working closely with the marketing team, my responsibilities involved:

  • Campaign ideation (e.g . Taste of Tokyo, 5K Spring Fever, 10K Vacay)
  • Writing landing page copy
  • Writing email copy
  • Editing copy for social media posts and PPC

Before I joined 1Cover, it was common to send out the same (or similar) email copy throughout a campaign. One of the first things I changed was to write unique email copy for each and every send. Plus, I spent a disproportionate amount of time perfecting headlines using tools like CoSchedule Subject Line Analyser.

My involvement in the planning and execution of EDM campaigns resulted in a significant uplift across all key metrics including open rates, clickthrough rates and most importantly, sales! Indeed, a large proportion of the 20% growth in revenue prior to COVID-19 was directly attributed to email.

Example 1: The One Experience – Shark Diving Adventure with Bruce Hopkins

Subject Headline: Are You Feeling Brave? Subheading: Get in the draw for an unforgettable shark diving experience!

Example 2: 5K Spring Fever!

Subject Headline: Treat Yourself. Subheading: Win $5K in our Spring Fever giveaway

Example 3: The One Experience – Hamilton Island

Subject Headline: Hello Hamilton Island 🌴 Subheading: It’s back. Your chance to win The One Experience Money Can’t Buy.

Example 4: 10K Endless Summer Vacay

Subject Headline: Win $10K For Your Endless Summer Vacay 🌞 Subheading: The cash is back with our brand new giveaway. Enter now.

Example 5: Taste of Tokyo

Send Subject Headline: This Is What Foodies Dream About… Subheading: Get in the draw to win The One Experience Taste of Tokyo.

Landing page copy: Taste of Tokyo